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Jeyl wrote: View Post
However, the color choice for the uniforms leave much to be desired. I mean, brown, white and beige? I'm not color blind!
Well, ST:TMP was produced in the late 1970s. Who is to say that the late 2270s won't suffer a similarly tragic lapse in good fashion sense?

Also the way the uniforms are made leaves little to the imagination. Just look at the first shot of the bridge when crew members working around and that one crew member who is stretching to get things up in the ceiling. And that shot of Decker in the corridor after the Transporter accident. Ahhhh!
Gene Roddenberry planned to depict widespread public nudity amongst the civilian population of 23rd century San Francisco in order to visually indicate the era's "mature attitudes" concerning such matters until Paramount's Michael Eisner demanded a G-rating for the film. Starfleet's contour-hugging spray 'n' wear uniforms obviously wouldn't cause the slightest embarrassment in such an idyllic Neo-Athenian/Post-Hebraic society.

RobertScorpio wrote: View Post
But as for the colors? The actual real life military does not have, nor has it ever had, a rainbow collection of colored uniforms...And actually one of the reasons for this? You actually stumbled upon it; color blindness.
Hardly. People don't go color blind from being exposed to an excessively wide chromatic spectrum. The reason ST:TMP's Starfleet uniforms came in a variety of styles and colors was simply to let crewmembers express a touch of individuality as a psychological welfare mechanism during multi-year interstellar exploration missions. Similar thinking was, coincidentally, also demonstrated in The Cage.

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