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Re: Ambassador class weapons

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If the warp engines, window rows and bridge dome are any indication, the Jenolan was about the size of Kirk's original two ships. And the huge black opening aft appears to be a cavernous shuttlebay or cargo hold - indeed, it's difficult to locate any impulse engine (that is, any rocket nozzle shape) on that ship at all, unless it's immediately adjacent to the blue dome atop the hull.

Timo Saloniemi
Umm no, the large black area on the aft of the Jenolan ARE the impulse engines.
^^ You can see the seperate nozzles/exhaust pipes in the first picture of the Sydney class.
They are take up almost half of the rear of the ship, which means she must be a real hot rod at impulse power as for size of the sydney, the ship is about 235 meters long.
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