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Re: Which Borg incarnation is freakier? Series or First Contact?

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There's only really one way to redeem the Borg Queen...that is, if it had been stated that she was an experiment to see why humans (with usually single leaders) were able to beat their ass at Wolf 359.

Maybe it was just something they considered, tried out and then dropped.

That would have worked for me.

But yes, THE SERIES BORG rocked. Especially with how well Q built them up.
Nope. First Contact implied the Queen(s) had always existed and that a near eternity of being surrounded by only the Collective as its only partially individual life form left her lonely enough to try and create an "equal" to herself, a King to co-rule the Borg.

Really, really stupid idea that did not need to be introduced except to have one specific "bad guy" for the audience to identify with. Personally I would have preferred "the voice" or singular mind of the Collective to have grown tired of slowing down its communication with Data to a verbal level and created a new type of Drone to act through.

Which would have been all the more chilling since it would have been made out of one of his former ship mates and speaking with an ungodly sounding voice and no compassion at all for them. Once they retook the ship the drone would have been killed leaving only the Collective at large again.
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