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I like the Admiral Uniform that Kirk wears when he's introduced. That was classy. However, the color choice for the uniforms leave much to be desired. I mean, brown, white and beige? I'm not color blind!

Also the way the uniforms are made leaves little to the imagination. Just look at the first shot of the bridge when crew members working around and that one crew member who is stretching to get things up in the ceiling. And that shot of Decker in the corridor after the Transporter accident. Ahhhh!
Showing Decker's woody was not by accident. They saw that in the editing room and let it go. I am pretty sure everyone saw it when they were filming the was there because someone wanted it there...

But as for the colors? The actual real life military does not have, nor has it ever had, a rainbow collection of colored uniforms...And actually one of the reasons for this? You actually stumbled upon it; color blindness.

I didn't say the TMP uniform was my choice for a movie. I liked the uniforms from KHAN-SEARCH FOR SPOCK and onward. I'm just saying that in a real life setting, those TMP uniforms, much like those in Andoromeda Strain, are more realistic...

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