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N'gai Croal wrote an editorial on his former blog about the trailer the images associated with the game - a white man shooting savage black people.
There was another attack on it claiming it to be racist a couple of days ago. I also saw it on CNN with the same accusation.
I didn't see that on CNN. But I checked up some of what N'gai Croal wrote. I think he's nailed the problem I'm having with the images or why the game makes me feel uncomfortable in a way RE4 does not.

The image of white people killing 'savage' dark-skinned people simply has a very long history. It brings with it a lot of associations that are difficult to forget, really.

So whether or not this is what the developers intended, it brings up memories of very bad times in the world's history. Maybe the developers were not aware of this or aware of how some people might react.
I say "Who cares, it's a video game".

White people have killed FAR more other white people than black people in the past 200 years, perhaps we should start getting sensitive about that?

FFS, how is society supposed to get "beyond" racism if people are so damned sensitive over EVERYTHING they see. Are we supposed to ban all black people from being portrayed in the media in case something bad happens to them so whitey can avoid getting the blame?

For the first time, RE was set in a place where mostly black people live. Ergo, they are the ones who were zombiefied. Here's an expert who thinks the entire thing is silly and manufactured. He even mentions the fact that the game has many anti-colonial themes.
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