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Re: Lower Decks Fanfic Question(s)

Here's my O/C and some of his background:

Name: Henry Anthony Kano
Age: 30
Rank: Lieutenant j.g.
Occupation: Search and Rescue
Billet: Search and Rescue Team Leader/Security team member.
Place of Origin: Botany Bay, Australia
Bio: Henry Kano was born to Manfred and Michelle Kano in Botany Bay, Australia in 2346. His father was a Starfleet Master Chief Petty Officer in the Security community, the former Master at Arms for the penal colony on New Zealand. His mother was a civilian counselor who specialized in dealing with mental issues for Starfleet personnel (she once tried for Starfleet Academy but because of severe space sickness (read: worse than Ezri Dax) she couldn't pass the entrance test). Henry was the eldest of three sons. His childhood was that of the average 24th century child, no non-corporeal lifeforms or extradimensional creatures involved.

Henry enlisted in Starfleet at seventeen and spent two years aboard the USS Norway. After his first year he put an application to Starfleet Academy, endorsed by his department head, the Norway's security chief. He was accepted in 2363 for the class of 2367. He graduated in 2367, in his own words: 'Right in the middle of my class'.

He classed up with SAR Class 06-2367 (the 6th class of 2367) with 117 other souls. In mid 2368 he graduated with thirty-four other members of this very difficult training course. He was posted with the 172nd Search and Rescue Squadron on the Bajoran frontier. Some of his first rescues were refugees from Bajor, and casualties of the Cardassian War.

He was assigned to Voyager for the Chakotay mission in 2371 with an eight man detachment from the 172nd SAR Squadron.

Onboard Voyager, Henry's job is as a security officer, with a secondary assignment assisting the medical department on occassion. The latter is because SAR operatives are the 24th century equivalent of civilian paramedics of the 21st century. Tom Paris is better qualified than Henry at medical work, however. (I figure science department personnel assist the Doctor for mass casualty situations, as I've seen blue uniformed extras assisting in Sickbay during Voyager episodes and that's where I got some ideas for Henry's team assisting the doctor).

His hobbies include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (he and Lt. Ayala are regular sparring buddies), surfing, swimming, and rugby. His closest friends, other than Lieutenant Ayala are William Telfer and Tal Celes. At the start of the fic, Henry has feelings for Tal, that she doesn't know about, even after six years of friendship.

And some details about the Search and Rescue Community. I got the idea to create said community and based it heavily on the real-life Pararescue units of the US Air Force: (Check out this link here: [COLOR=#bbccff][/COLOR])

Squadrons are commanded by Commanders. Captains command Search and Rescue Wings (Three Squadrons which can cover a sector of Federation space and provide detachments for Starfleet vessels).

Search and Rescue Motto: "So Others May Live."

Three Flights comprise a squadron:

Extraction flight - One company of security personnel that are also highly trained in emergency medical procedures and first responder treatments.
Evacuation flight - Highly trained surgeons and emergency physicians and various medical specialties.
Technical Support Flight - Maintenance personnel (engineers), small craft pilots, operations types, transporter experts.

Search and Rescue units deploy as needed through Starfleet. My character's detachment of eight people was sent to Voyager for the Maquis pursuit mission.

Search and Rescue Operatives undergo a year and a half to two year pipeline that combines the security specialty, the engineering specialty, the science and medical tracks and the command track.

Everyone crosstrains in at least one other flight's specialty. In Lt. Kano's case, he was with the Extraction flight, but crosstrained in the evacuation flight. He's more a security officer than a medic, however, though he wears the blue of the medical/sciences division.
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