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Re: Which Borg incarnation is freakier? Series or First Contact?

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I remember watching 'Q Who" and getting on the phone with my friend Angel and freaking out about how f'ng scary the Borg were and how great an enemy/alien they were.

Since then, or maybe since BOBW, they turned them into a bunch of candy asses.
I totally agree.. I saw the Borg as Zombies..coming after you. In fact, at the start, when their ship was just slow but kept coming? Reminded me of that ditzy blond in the first NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (she is the Enterprise in this analog)..she can run and run, then she looks back and you see the Living Dead goul way back there, barely able to walk, but can smell her fresh blood thus keeps coming for her.....

Then they creat the Queen (and before that the idiot LORE episode) and they just crapped all over the Borg..

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