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But which time agency gets to determine what actions to take when, you gotta think, if they had a temporal agency in the 29th century that watches over the timeline and policies it, then wouldn't there be one in the 31st century, and the 50th century, and the 100th, century and the 456,642,466 century? So which time agency gets control of policing the timeline? To an agency billions of years in the future it is ALL the past to them! heh
Ok, it's 2781 and your sensors (which have a finite scanning range of perhaps 10 years into the future but full range into the past) detects a timeline change, someone from a future time period 2788 has gone back in time and altered history. You immediately go about rectifying the mistake. The mistake is now rectified, because it's rectified in 2781 it doesn't need rectifying in the future because obviously you know it's already done. Imagine it's now 2785, your sensors are still detecting the time jump from 2788 but you already rectified it in 2781 and that information is also on your sensors.
Your rectifying of the timeline in 2781 makes sure that in 2385 you know that it's been done and you don't need to time jump.

The you in 2781 and the you in 2785 aren't different people, it's the same you and the you in 2785 won't do anything because to that you in 2785 you already went back and sorted it out 4 years previous.

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In the episode relativity,
That's the episode which involved a future Braxton. Voyager exploded due to Braxton putting a temporal disruptor on the ship. So it wasn't already in their history, their sensors detected a change in the timeline because someone in their future meddled with the timeline.
Just like their sensors should detect a change in the timeline when Nero destroys the Kelvin....
no, because Nero is from their history, Braxton who destroyed Voyager was from their future. They can't detect a time alteration caused by someone from the past because to them it is already done and is history.
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