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Re: Mark Lenard & Trek Fandom

Mark Lenard always brought gravitas to any Trek episode or movie he appeared in. Great actor.

My one pseudo Mark Lenard story: When I was in high school, my local radio station in NYC, WNEW-FM, had this daily call-in contest called the "Morning Mind Exercise". Basically they would ask a trivia question, and the first correct caller won a prize. Well, one morning before school, celebrating the release of ST:IV, the question was:
"What actor played a Romulan, a Klingon, and Spock's father?"

I called in, and, amazingly won! I was on the air, saying, "Mark Lenard, of course!"

So with that, I won year's supply of crappy Krauser's ice cream (they sent me 52 coupons for half gallon tubs). I recall having a party and getting about 10 of them
"Even with all its blemishes, Trek XI still teabags the bloated corpses that were Insurrection and Nemesis and managed to make Trek fun again." - Sheep
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