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the thing is that the relativity is outside the reach of time changes isn't it? else they wouldn't know if things went the way they want them to. which is why i was thinking that this change in the timeline is what enabled the creation of the relativity and it's ability to detach itself from time.
Do you know what I find interesting, as far as i'm aware the only time Braxton or the relativity etc ever go back in time to rectify something is because the time alteration has had something to do with somebody going back in time from their particular time period. In Voyager it always involved something from Braxtons time. For example Braxtons small ship, the future Braxton altering history where they obtain Sevens help.

It is my theory that the Temporal Agency (which includes Braxton and the Relativity etc) which deals with time travel alterations is only allowed to take action if the time travelling took place after the creation and signing of the Temporal Accord.

They never took action in FC, they've never took action against Sisko, they've never took action other times when Kirk time travelled. I believe the reason for that is because they have no jurisdiction to act against people time travelling before the time of the accords signing.
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