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Re: Relativity

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Well we know that when Daniels plucked Archer out of the Enterprise turbo lift it caused an immediate effect to the future and they ended up on a destroyed Earth where the Federation never came to be. I think there's a ripple through time and if the future Temporal agency doesn't act fast enough and send a ship like the Relativity they become a casualty of the altered timeline.
I believe it's reasonable to think that perhaps the time travelling of Spock and Nero has caused a change to the future and they did not act fast enough before succumbing to the timeline change so as far as the new future Temporal agency is concerned the events of Nero in the 23rd century are part of history that must be left to take place.
the thing is that the relativity is outside the reach of time changes isn't it? else they wouldn't know if things went the way they want them to. which is why i was thinking that this change in the timeline is what enabled the creation of the relativity and it's ability to detach itself from time.

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That question could be asked for every time travel episode in the history of Trek, why was the Relativity or other time ships never there to correct the problem in the timeline?

Cause up until the episode Relativity, it didn't exist!
Or perhaps the changes were meant to happen, and they just sat back quietly and let matters unfold. What do they call it, pre-destination paradox or some such?
yea i was thinking the same thing. this had to happen in order for the timeline where the relativity was to exist to become. stands to reason early exposure to time travel tech made the federation more aware earlier and pursue this tech more aggressively leading to the development of a practical time travel ship (or ships, not sure if relativity was one of a kind)
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