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Re: Which Borg incarnation is freakier? Series or First Contact?

TNG Series without a doubt.

I think they took the "As long as they don't consider you a threat" ploy to be over played and too convenient. In the Episode Q Who, Riker makes the assumption that the Borg don't see them as a threat until Data says that it's because the drones are using their combined power to repair their ship. I think the 'regeneration' idea should have stayed rather then being a 'threat' as the #1 rule. The Borg shouldn't care if you're a threat or not, they should just assimilate you!

And yes, the Queen did ruin it what the series presented to be such a great idea. No single leader who can make mistakes, just the combined whole. Well now they have a single leader and she makes more mistakes than Wille Coyote.
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