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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x19: "Daybreak, Part I"

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There's a deleted scene from the episode prior to Daybreak that explains how he got there. (I read that in one of the mainstream recaps, either LA Times or Have to wait for the DVD.
Shit, why do they keep doing this? Just to inflate DVD sales?
The production staff was originally told by Sci-Fi Channel execs that they would be allowed to run longer-than-normal episodes for the Season 4.5 run -- so the episodes were written longer. Prior to airing, that decision was reversed, necessitating cuts to the episodes.
That's outrageous. What, they didn't want to cut into their allotted slot for Stargate BS-Atlantica or whatever the frak it is? They've never, ever had an original production on that network that approaches the quality of Battlestar---not even close. You'd think they'd respect and appreciate it more.
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