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4 mile bike ride yesterday on the Erie Canal
can't wait until it gets warmer!
You're supposed to do 15 miles on the Erie Canal! With a mule named Sal! Nice work on the workouts and the weight loss, btw.

I recently broke a major milestone for myself, I ran 3 miles in under 26 minutes. My best time so far is 25:34, a time I never, ever thought I would see. I've gone under 26 minutes four times now, so it's not a fluke. I have been working on getting in one or two really strong runs per exercise cycle, which is to run/workout 4-6 days in a row. I did the 25:34 on Saturday of this week, I believe, then had a slower 3.3 mile run the next day and a 40 minute outdoor run yesterday.
Thank god for weird people.
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