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Re: Voyager Face-Off: Tuvok vs. Tom

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Tom all the way. Even my husband accepts that he's a Tom Paris substitute (or is it the other way around...)

This is a more difficult choice than I orig thought - although Tuvok seems a most logical choice Tom has grown on me after some of the rewatchings. The problem/allure of an ensemble show is that not enough people get to shine often enough! I enjoyed his 'ship with B"Elana and how stubborn he was about building it even though she often pushed him away. I felt like of all people he knew what that was about and he wasn't going to be fooled. I admired Tuvok and agree he was more vulcany () than other Vulcans we've seen.

It almost comes down to this for me, I'd love to be pals with Tom but I might be less worried about taking commands from Tuvok.
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