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Re: Can I suggest an Art Contest?

well heres a few: a few I have more, many many more...

  • Non-Trek Borg Ships... The Borg assimilate ships right? not just the E, so is it to much of a long shot to assume that if the borg manage to find there way into an alternate reality or a galaxy far far way, that they would assimilate ships there to? I've always wanted to do a Borg Star Destroyer...., or maybe a Deather Star and I'm using star wars references because honestly, other than Trek and Wars, I don't know of many other ships in various series but, I know theres many out there
  • Trek Vs Wars, I know I know, don't let the cat out of the bag but... the thought of a Borg Death Star got me thinking, many think Star Destroyers are all that but size isn't everything, lasers vs phasers lets defend our ships dignity and do some war pictures
  • "Starfleetized" ships I was wondering what a Trek Star Destroyer might look like, but hey, why limit this to just that, we not do federation versions of many other ships?
  • Power Sources, starfleet uses M/AM, the Romulans use singularities... many star wars ships use simple fusion...... but what about other sources, I'm doing a possible Omega Particle chamber design but it got me thinking, what about other ones? even if they don't give off that much energy, well make up for it...
  • Submarine vessels, ok look guys, we have ships that exlore space in trek, but theres so much out there most starships aren't equiped to explore, like under the ocean of some planet, now theres certain shielding techniques, and the delta flyer but... I'd like to see ships built for this, even weapons systems designed for this environment, weather the ship can do space-flight, is up to you...
  • Alien Ships, pick an alien ship design we've seen on screen, in concept art, ect. only once or twice and expand on the design, make a ship that shares some design lineage.
  • Anti-ship devices, theres self replicating mines, and even defensive stations, but what about some small weapons pods, many of them,that coordinate attacks.. or some kind of defenice grid, who knows...
  • Alien Spacestations, in a Tribute to DS9, or Terrok Nor as the Cardasians call it, what about other stations, have we ever seen a Vulcan station? or a gorn station? Lyran? Klingon? Dominion? Andorian, Tellarite, Talaxian, Ferengi?
  • StarShip Fender Bender, ouht oh, that Klingon just hit me, great, I hope he has insurance lol, need I say more?
  • speaking of insurance, starship insurance ads?
  • I saw a photo of a smilie face during a warp core breach, it was funny, so photo-manipulated images for humor?
  • Fighters, I would say federation fighters but we got the scouts in Innsurection so, Ferengi fighers? Klingon fighters? anything?
  • alien evolution, take a life form like a Dolphin and re-invision it to be humanoid
  • Non-Trek but fun!, take aliens from cartoons and make them look real, like Zoidberg or Elzar from futurama or for Trek related species, do the opposite?
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