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Well, got my hands on the game today and I must say that it is a great game. The only downside is that, it seems as if they've cut out nearly EVERYTHING that makes the game feel like a resident evil game. Exploration (something that was lacking in RE4) is now completely gone, as is the excellent inventory management system from RE4. Something else that shocks me is that managing your AI controlled buddy in RE5 is much more tedious than it was back in 2003 in RE Zero. In RE Zero you had the ability to tell the AI to stay put as well as directly manage what weapons the AI could use. Also, in other resident evil games you had the ability to directly use herbs if you did'nt have the inventory space to pick it up. That feature is no longer present RE5. Another aspect of RE Zero that would have worked great in RE5 was the item drop feature. It would also have made inventory managment less of a chore but this feature is gone as well (I dont remember if it was present or not in RE4, I dont think it was).

Anyways, the game is still really fun. It just seems that in some ways the developers lost their way in making RE5 and forgot that combat wasnt the only aspect of the franchise that drew people in. On the contrary, it was the puzzles and exploration that made the games. It would be great if in future games they find a way to balance that exploration aspect with the combat aspect and newer controls.
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