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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

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There's nothing dishonest about saying, "I let Marvel know that someone was violating their copyright, and I didn't do it with the intent of getting the site shut down or to have the images removed."
So what did PAD think might happen? Are we now to the level of saying PAD is either incredibly naive or amazingly dumb? We know he isn't, and that's where the dishonest part comes in. PAD is asking us to swallow that he sent this innocent, objective notice to Marvel legal never realizing that it might cause the site to be torn down. As you would say, "bullshit".
PAD never said he never thought that it could get SD shut down. He said that he didn't do it with the intent of getting Scans_Daily shut down.

You DO understand the difference between claiming that you didn't have a specific intent and claiming that you're unaware of a possible consequence, right?
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