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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

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There's nothing dishonest about saying, "I let Marvel know that someone was violating their copyright, and I didn't do it with the intent of getting the site shut down or to have the images removed."
So what did PAD think might happen? Are we now to the level of saying PAD is either incredibly naive or amazingly dumb? We know he isn't, and that's where the dishonest part comes in. PAD is asking us to swallow that he sent this innocent, objective notice to Marvel legal never realizing that it might cause the site to be torn down. As you would say, "bullshit".

As you'll note in my original comment (which you would have if you had read it), I said PAD's actions were justifiable. The chicken-shit part is that PAD is now playing this innocent lil' girl routine because some people are criticizing him. He doesn't want any part of any responsibility.

Sci wrote:
So the frick what? Like David says, Marvel is the copyright owner and for all he knows they've chosen to allow those scans as a form of free promotion. It's not his place to make any decisions about that on Marvel's behalf -- the appropriate thing is to say, "Hey, this is happening," and then let them go from there.
And some here seem to be implying that PAD had no vested interest in this beyond seeing if this was okay with Daddy Marvel; that it wasn't PAD's property involved. I guess PAD works for Marvel for free; hell, he probably pays them for the privledge to write their books.

PAD didn't give a shit until it was his wallet involved; PAD of course contacted Marvel legal because he had a vested interest, and that was his right with no argument or criticism from anyone. Why would PAD care? PAD is scared of losing readers on his title, and he has a right to be scared after seeing both his She-Hulk and Fallen Angel cancelled due to poor sales.

All I'm saying is that it severely disappoints me that PAD can't just be a man and admit his motives; it's not hard to lay it out there. But hey, maybe this kind of chicken-shit, two-faced stuff is what PAD does on a regular basis. It would go a long way toward explaining why PAD doesn't have more work and why the companies generally don't support his work (lest we forget Bill Jemas tearing into Captain Marvel and PAD himself - which led to PAD running to the internet crying for our help).
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