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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

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This from Peter David's site linked to at the start of the thread:

Peter David wrote:
I didnít contact the legal department to have the images removed. I contacted the legal department to inform them of a copyright violation.
This is the equivalent of saying, "I told the police that guy was stealing my stuff, but I didn't mean for them to stop him!" It's that kind of cheap dishonesty that now makes me think of David as a weasel. If he would have been a man and owned up to his justifiable action, then it wouldn't bother me; but he instead chose to be a weasel in the face of criticism. I've got no respect for the guy now.
No offense, but bullshit. Informing Marvel that someone's violating their copyright is absolutely his right and doesn't mean that he's out to get anything deleted. For all he knows, Marvel already knows about the violation and has chosen to allow it -- and as he pointed out in one of his replies, it would have been completely inappropriate for him to assume that he could just act as Marvel's representative and demand that something be deleted by the mods, especially since he doesn't know if Marvel would want those images deleted or not. There's nothing dishonest about saying, "I let Marvel know that someone was violating their copyright, and I didn't do it with the intent of getting the site shut down or to have the images removed."

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Peter David is not the copyright owner of the pages in question therefore he could not demand for anybody to remove them.
Which is why he notified Marvel legal after reading a CBR thread concerning X-Factor...a title he writes. So yes, he had absolutely no interest in something he wrote (which he gets publishing royalties from); the whole thing was just a coincidence.

Do you guys listen to yourselves?
So the frick what? Like David says, Marvel is the copyright owner and for all he knows they've chosen to allow those scans as a form of free promotion. It's not his place to make any decisions about that on Marvel's behalf -- the appropriate thing is to say, "Hey, this is happening," and then let them go from there.
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