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Re: Quantum Leap: what if it had been made 20 years earlier?

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Bellisario making ST? Sorry, no. He has very little genre experience under his belt, all tending more toward fantasy than SF (Battlestar Galactica, Tales of the Gold Monkey, QL), and the rest of his body of work is detective and lawyer shows and that dreadful Airwolf thing from the '80s. And there tends to be a religious undercurrent in his work that's very different from ST's secular humanism. In one episode of his short-lived Tales of the Gold Monkey with Stephen Collins, the lead character fell gravely ill while flying his plane, it was plummeting toward a watery death, and the leading lady prayed and the plane miraculously levelled out. Yes, the heroes were saved by actual divine intervention. And QL was constantly implying that God was directing Sam's journey.

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Yeah, as well as producing and co-writing ST II through V.
Was Harve Bennett involved, production-wise, with TNG, DS9 &/or V'GER?
No. I would've said so if he had been. You know, you can find these things out for yourself online at sites like Wikipedia, IMDb, and Memory Alpha for ST in particular.

Didn't you hear? You've become the official family historian of the Bennett clan? Even those not actually called Bennett!
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