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Re: Marvel Zombies. Correct order to read them in?

I know that in publishing order, you want Ultimate FF, then MZ1, then UFF 30-32, then BP, then MZ v AoD. I think Dead Days came after UFF 30-32, but not sure. Story-wise, I would read UFF, then Dead Days, then MZ1, then Black Panther and then move on to MZ2 and MZ3. UFF 30-32 doesn't have much to do with the verse itself, just the final fates of the Zombie FF. I haven't read MZ v. AoD, so I can't help you much there where to read it. I would probably do it at the end of your current list like you have it.

The way you have it is fine as well, but I think I would start with UFF since that was the intro to the universe and the other books (even the prequel) might reference that.
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