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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

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I think he's an ass and deserves whatever criticism he gets.

And this is from someone who never even visited scans daily.
I know, I don't respect people who follow the laws and rules given to them. What type of crazy society IS this?!

People forget, Marvel or him, didn't even have time to do anything about this. The site was down by then. Even if the intent was there for something to happen (he never said shut down the site, they could have EASILY worked out a compromise), he or Marvel are not to blame.

Regardless, nothing wrong, ethically or according to the law, was done by them. And if nothing wrong was done by the site, why were they so quick to shut things down?
Look, I don't even give a shit about this situation and whether he or Marvel or whoever was "legally right" or not. He's still an asshole...IMO.
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