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Re: Lower Decks Fanfic Question(s)

Thanks for that bit of information, Brit. I think I'll stick with Michael for his first name and since his home area is never mentioned I'll say he hails from Sao Paolo, Brazil originally. I don't think it's too great of a stretch that my version of Ayala has some knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (I figure as a security type he'd be knowledgeable about various fighting styles. In the Modern Army Combative's Program, we use a lot of BJJ techniques for hand to hand fighting). Hope that's not too far a stretch for fanfiction.

That's really interesting that the first name is different in slash. Why is that do you think? Anyone?
I think it's because slash fic and regular fanfiction might have two different writers and readers that are fans.

Anyway, any advice on how to avoid making an original character sound like a Mary-Sue? I've written a lot of OCs in my work, and try to avoid making Mary Sues out of them, but advice is always helpful.
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