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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

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This from Peter David's site linked to at the start of the thread:

Peter David wrote:
I didn’t contact the legal department to have the images removed. I contacted the legal department to inform them of a copyright violation.
This is the equivalent of saying, "I told the police that guy was stealing my stuff, but I didn't mean for them to stop him!" It's that kind of cheap dishonesty that now makes me think of David as a weasel. If he would have been a man and owned up to his justifiable action, then it wouldn't bother me; but he instead chose to be a weasel in the face of criticism. I've got no respect for the guy now.
I suppose he didn't have to own up to having any part at all but it does seem a bit dishonest to try to dampen what he did.

I'm a bit torn, I don't think it was a bad site the few times I checked it out but sometimes their "previews" were a bit excessive. 2-4 pages is one thing, 10-12 continuous pages is a bit much for a 22 page comic.

He complains about the page-by-page synopsis of some issues. I see where he's going with that but I wonder if anyone who would have otherwise bought the comic would be satisfied by those? Maybe some would at $3 a pop, I don't know. EDIT: I suppose a page-by-page synopsis + a 10-12 page spread might be different...

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