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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

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This from Peter David's site linked to at the start of the thread:

Peter David wrote:
I didnít contact the legal department to have the images removed. I contacted the legal department to inform them of a copyright violation.
This is the equivalent of saying, "I told the police that guy was stealing my stuff, but I didn't mean for them to stop him!" It's that kind of cheap dishonesty that now makes me think of David as a weasel. If he would have been a man and owned up to his justifiable action, then it wouldn't bother me; but he instead chose to be a weasel in the face of criticism. I've got no respect for the guy now.
I'm sure he'll lose sleep over that.

Peter David is not the copyright owner of the pages in question therefore he could not demand for anybody to remove them. All he could do is notify the copyright owner, which he did. From there it was their choice as to what action to take.

As to other posts, I believe I saw at least one person wishing that he'd "die in a fire" and I know I saw several actually defending that as being acceptible.

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