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I'm curious because I loved RE4 but I'm not really into multiplayer (don't even have X-Box Gold right now) and am wondering what people think of this game as a single player experience because I get the sense that this game might not be too fun that way.
I'm doing single player only as my first play through and Sheva's AI is pretty good. It's not perfect, but she does a decent job of covering your back and healing you. The one thing that really annoys me is that she will only use pistols until she runs out of ammo, even if there is a large group and a more powerful weapon would be better.
Edit: Also she doesn't really try to conserve ammo, she'll keep on shooting an enemy even when you could run up and melee attack them.
I gave her the rifle...
Works like a charm, she kills enemies from far away, especially handy when you are on the airboat level...
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