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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

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PAD didn't kill it. Beyond that, I don't care.
Actually, he kinda did. True, the pages that he didn't want posted were taken down before any action was able to be implemented by Marvel's legal eagles. But it WAS he who brought the site to their attention, rather than just complaining to the site's moderators. And it was Marvel's legal department that sent the notice to LiveJournal that likely threatened legal action if they did not kill the site. PAD set the whole demise of scans_daily 1.0 in motion, and saying he isn't responsible for that is flat out wrong, legally justified or not.
As David noted, neither Marvel Legal never got the chance to do much of anything about it. It was, ergo, the excess of the fans that got it shut down -- probably by bringing it to Photobucket's attention, who then brought it to Live_Journal's attention -- not David.
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