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Re: STNG continues on in Bluray..with great packaging!

Mr. B wrote: View Post
JMS was forward-thinking enough to shoot Babylon 5 at 16:9
Fat lot of good that did. The *live action elements* were shot that way, but the whole situation with the can't really describe without using the word 'cluster'.

swaaye wrote: View Post
I believe those machines actually use a fancy resize algorithm to scale the SD to HD resolution. You don't gain much from it, but it can be better than letting the TV scale the image (depending on what the TV itself would do). Some resize algorithms are much better than others.
Most HDTVs, such as the Pioneer Elites, will have much better upconverters than any DVD player ever could have. I bought the particular Blu-Ray player I did (a Sony) specifically because I could *disable* its upconverter for standard def DVDs - I want my TV to handle all that.
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