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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x19: "Daybreak, Part I"

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I know people might be growing tired of me constantly bringing up Lost but it is the first thing that comes to mind when needing to provide an example of what I'm talking about when it comes to handling set-up in an interesting effective manner. Its finales usually are comprised of three episodes--one one hour episode followed the next week by a two hour episode. Lost builds from the previous episode and consistently holds the viewers attention. Heck, you can even look back to season one of BSG for another example. Compare the tightly written and focused interesting arc of the show's freshman year to what we've gotten last year or this year.
Lost and BSG are my two favorite (current) shows.

You're right. Lost excels at story structure and in building an incredibly complex and surprisingly coherent narrative... which are BSG's weaknesses.

At the same time, Lost has (with rare exception) continually failed to build any sort of meaningful relationships or drama between the characters... which is BSG's strength.

Both shows are brilliant... neither is perfect.
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