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Re: Quantum Leap: what if it had been made 20 years earlier?

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Yup, Harve Bennett, who played a SF Admiral in STV:TFF yes?
Yeah, as well as producing and co-writing ST II through V.
Was Harve Bennett involved, production-wise, with TNG, DS9 &/or V'GER?

Or just ST II-V?

Do you think Harve Bennett would've been a good executive producer for Quantum Leap had Donald Bellisario not been available & Harve Bennett was offered & accepted the position?
Donald Bellisario created Quantum Leap. It was his baby. He never would have given it up for someone else to produce.

I actually think they reverse would have been true. Donald Bellisario could have produced Star Trek at some point. He would be ideally suited.
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