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Completed it about an hour ago, it was a really good game, but slightly annoying. Capcom also stated that they would "wrap everything up" as this was going to be the last Resident Evil game in the main series as we know it (obviously the spin offs like Dark Chronicles or what ever it's called doesn't count towards a main series game), and the whole series would be rebooted.

But I felt there were more questions than anything else, we find out what happened to 3 of the original 6 S.T.A.R.S members (Brad Vickers died in Resident Evil 3, while Wesker is still at large), but there is no mention of Barry Burton or Rebecca Chambers. You do find out Umbrella's origins and why Tricell are involved, what happens to Ozwell Spencer and the most of the Umbrella executives, but nothing to do with former S.T.A.R.S members, or Billy Coen etc.

So really, it didn't wrap things up for me at all, infact it left me wanting a 6th game in the main series. Major flaws though: not being able to move while shooting or reloading can be VERY frustrating, and the AI of your companion if you're playing offline can sometimes be retarded.

Other than that, good game .
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