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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x19: "Daybreak, Part I"

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I remember saying very early in the season that I was hoping they would reveal stuff such as Starbuck so we can see consequences from that and how it affects her.
Tomalak, I agree with your review. And, I also had said similar things earlier on about allowing time to see the consequences for the characters. We did see the Final Five deal some with their new found identities. Of course lately they haven't done squat.

Right now it's looking like everything will be wrapped up in the next 90 minutes of screen time with little time for consequences afterwards. I expect it'll be a bang up episode but consider this. The last 4 episodes have been fairly slow. Some nice character moments but really just rehashing the plot points, no real development. If some of the bigger revelations had happened 3 or 4 episodes ago, we'd be looking at the consequences now rather than piano notes, flashbacks and the like!

Mr Awe
Exactly. I'm all for character drama, but I was really hoping that we'd have time to watch the whiplash of the payoff on these characters. I feel like I can copy and paste the same review every week but it's the same issue. I'm tired of set up. I'm tired of being dedicated to this series but realizing that it will be all set up and no payoff. That's not a good series makes. All this stuff that's been integral to the series would have greatly benefited to being revealed earlier so we can watch how these characters deal with it as a "countdown to the final showdown" type thing to hype of the finale. Instead, the series was beating around the Bush, and that's not good. Any other episode and I would have been fine with the flashbacks. I mean I was intrigued with them too, for a time. Then we saw Lee and dealing with the bird and I was like

Some other parts I forgot to mention that I liked: Adama seeing all the photos taken down expect for the ones not claimed was very moving. Everything that happened in the present made me quite emotional because the series is ending next week. I've enjoyed watching these characters other than some spurts here and there and a week from today it will be no more. I just want to see a great finale, and good resolution to this story. I fear after last night that it might not be enough.

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