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Re: Quantum Leap: what if it had been made 20 years earlier?

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... QL was an anthology disguised as an ongoing series, dropping its lead character into different dramatic situations at various points in recent history but shying away from big events.
They did do the JFK assassination, though, didn't they? IIRC, they took a position very contrary to that then popular in the media (Stone's JFK, Ruby, etc) by having Oswald as the assassin.
Yes, but that was a major exception to the show's usual rule, which is why it's so well-remembered. And Bellisario made that exception largely in response to Oliver Stone's JFK, which had come out the previous year; Bellisario had actually been slightly acquainted with Oswald in the '50s (I believe their meeting is dramatized in the episode), was convinced he acted alone, and wanted to counter the conspiracy-theory rubbish in Stone's film.

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^Not even Harve, of TWOK fame? Tut, tut!
As it happens, Harve Bennett has a son who shares my first name and my year of birth. That's part of the reason I use my middle initial in my professional byline -- so Trek fans won't think I'm that Christopher Bennett. (And Harve Bennett's real name is Harve Bennett Fischman.)
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