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Re: Did cavill move the colony to earth?

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That seemed odd, seeing as how they were plenty capable of walking around Caprica after the rain, and it had been days since the nuclear holocaust, as opposed to two thousand years.
Was it just general radiation that affected Loeben at @ Ragarok or was there something specific to it.

After all the Colonials didn't seem to have an issue (no radiation suits) or maybe it was just an issue with the log term exposure?

did it have an general effect on the Cylon or just his ability to download after Adama finished him off with the torch?
In retrospect I think Leoben might have just been lying. To what end, who knows?
Leoben wasn't lying. The radiation affected Doral the same way at the end of the miniseries when he was left for dead on the station.

They didn't mention exactly what it was, just that "something" had an effect on the Cylons silica relays in their brain.
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