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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x18: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

Samuel T. Cogley wrote: View Post
'Lost' had a strong first season and then meandered aimlessly in circles around the island for seasons two and three.

It wasn't until TPTB put a constructive gun to the creators' heads and gave them a finite timeline (in response to dropping ratings) that the show's exponentially increasing loose plot threads started to get tied together.

The beginnings of closure feel very made-up-on-the-spot and contrived. Some of them are creative, but rarely do they feel organic to the evolution of the show.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the show, but it is superficial pocorn-fare at best.

John Locke fascinated me early on, but his character has drifted too much and I just can't bring myself to care about him anymore.

The only character I care about anymore is Desmond, and that's probably only because I find him to be so earnest, and his love for Penny so endearing.

Other than that, the characters could live or die and I wouldn't care.

Most characters are only skin deep, and most don't seem to progress in any meaningful way or have to deal with the consequences of their actions. (Lost fans will no doubt disagree with me on this last bit, to be sure, but for me it's all just moving pawns around on a chess board. Nothing ever changes.)

And introducing time-travel is both a pretty distraction and a cop-out. I hope they cut that shit out now that "the record is no longer skipping."

At this point, I just want to see how it ends. And miles to go before I sleep.
Although I've only seen part of Lost (I'll get to that later) you've summed up many of my feelings very well. In a nutshell, I don't really see why the two get compared since IMHO nuBSG is really in a league of its own and offers that bit more than 'just' entertainment which Lost (again IMHO) does not.

I watched most of it not all of season 1 as well as parts of season 2. I found the show to be entertaining enough, but the main problem I always had was that the characters, for the most part, just felt incredibly conventional. By that I don't mean that these were regular guys (for the most part) but that the way they acted and reacted to their situation just seemed incredibly conventional in light of the strange and weird setting the show was developing.

The only character to really ever grab my interest was Locke (plus I love the actor). But really, that simply wasn't enough to sustain my interest beyond what I've already seen.

I suppose one could argue I bailed too soon and didn't give the show the chance to really flex its muscles. But for me the thing is that nuBSG was dealing with interesting and engaging topics right from the start. It created engaging characters from day one that were really interesting to follow and see evolve. It basically hit the ground running and never stopped IMHO.

I'll watch the odd episode of Lost when I see it's on. Interestingly, although it has an ongoing storyline, I never felt it was really necessary to keep up with what was going on since (judging by what I'd seen in S1 and 2) not much ever seemed to change in a character sense.

It's very possible I'll check out the show at a later stage on DVD or something. Part of me is curious as to what the island is all about. Another part of me is curious about the whole time travel thing since I'm surprised people aren't crying bloody murder (which I suspect they would have on nuBSG).

As it stands, based purely on what I've seen, Lost doesn't hold a candle to nuBSG on any level, really. As much as tv show can achieve that, I think nuBSG is 'special'. Lost, to me, feels incredibly convential in comparison.
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