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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Initiations (*)

Once upon a time an alien and a human are involved in a violent struggle and they end up stranded on a desolate planet together where they learn to put their differences aside and get along. Then it happened again. And again. It became a cliche. Then Voyager took a crack at it.

This episode is made worse by having some strangely convenient plot-devices, such as a planet you can transport to but for some reason a far simpler radio signal can't get through, and Chakotay needing a shuttle to perform a (probably bullshit) Indian ritual which he could later perform in his quarters.

This episode is supposed to introduce us to Kazon culture, but they are depicted as so stupid that I'm surprised they have the mental capacity to stand up. I'm reminded of this poster:

As an interesting side-note, that guy was named after me. I have no proof of this, but I have a good feeling in my gut about it.

We have our first shuttle crash people! Lets take a look at where the counters are currently standing.

Shuttle Crashes: 1
Torpedoes: 1/38
Harry deaths: 1

Edit: I forgot to mention this piece which annoyed me, Chakotay goes on about how much he respects his uniform and how he did a lot to earn it, but no mention is given to how he abandoned it and the only reason he is wearing it now is because he got lost with Voyager. It is like as if the writer completely forgot his background!
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