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Lower Decks Fanfic Question(s)

Anyone know about any concrete policies for officer/crew interactions in Starfleet? I recall one part of Investigations where Neelix mentioned a Crewman and a Lieutenant were dating. No one seemed to bat an eye, so I assume that within certain contexts dating between enlisted and officers in the 24th Century Starfleet is OK.

I ask this because I'm writing a fanfic that involves three lower decks characters that appeared in the series (Crewman Tal Celes, Crewman William Telfer, and Petty Officer 3rd Class Ken Dalby (I promoted him for my fic)) and a fourth original character who's a junior officer. In terms of timeline my fic takes place after The Good Shepherd.

Before you go into Gary-Stu bashing mode for me writing Original Characters into Voyager, I go to great lengths to make sure my characters aren't Gary-Stu/Mary Sues. For instance my character, Lieutenant j.g. Henry Kano, is not best buddies with the senior staff, he's not a total klutz nor is he an instant expert who comes up with solutions for everything character. He's a guy who's got a niche and he's comfy with it. (I'll post a bio on him when I'm done writing it).

One subplot to my lower decks fanfic is a Tal Celes/Henry Kano relationship. That's why I asked the question about enlisted/officer relations.


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