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Re: if Chakotay doesn't have a last name, when he gets married...

The Queen (Chakotay's Motherinlaw.) refered ato the Borg at least nce because of some extremely clucky writer as "My Children" and albeit briefly, the Indian has been part of the Borg, well part of two different Borg Collectives in his time which would eother quallify him as Seven's brother under "Borg Law" or become suddenly the same person that their relation would be some sort of out of body attempt at masturbation.

Remember, after modern is post modern and after that is super post modern, so goodness knows how "super" postmodern Voyagers ethos is when half the time their moral core is entirely questionable...

Like either of them would agree to "Obey" the other one if a western marriage ceremony was to take place, which we has seen once or twice. What were the words used in other ceremonies we have seen?
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