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Re: if Chakotay doesn't have a last name, when he gets married...

Whoops - I just re-read my last paragraph and noticed a lapsus calami. I meant, in a hypothetical generational ship with more men than women (not less), technically, one would consider polyandry.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
I had a completely new thought on the matter.
If Seven marries Chuckles, they became a new subcollective of just two, and she might be concerned by the nature of "exactness" to change her name to a title fitting her position a part of the two.

So which one of them is one of Two and which one of them is Two of Two?

I believe the fairest way to sort it out might be that whichever one of them cowboys up and actually does the proposing is One of Two more so than... And their numbers would change again still as their subcollective grows as they have children. Though how would the children feel about their names being fluidic and changing every time Mommy gets knocked up? Talk about a new reason to resent the incumbent younger siblings.
That's creative of you Guy, but Chakotay wouldn't stand for it anyway.

Better see the Borg aspect of Seven's identity, of her name, as something inherited from the past, like a maiden name that goes away in marriage (unless one is being modern about it and, sorry Iguana, but a lot of non-anglo-saxon wives still take on their husband's name for tradition or love - not that it's wise, considering the divorce statistics). Using a Borg system like that in her new family would be carrying her past a little too far for Seven. She has gradually grown away from it and started resenting borg-ness.
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