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Re: Regenerative Shields

In a way you might think of this as a kind of ablative lightning rod that captures and then dissipates any energy striking the ship, and is good enough that even the kinetic energy of projectile weapons can be deflected elsewhere.
Or perhaps it's a two-tiered system - an outer layer that needs to be actively powered, designed to physically block kinetic strikes (micrometeorites, torpedoes) and scatter focused energy attacks, bouncing as much as possible of both back into space; and an inner layer that captures any energy bleeding through and diverts it into capacitors that then reradiate that energy back into space, and which regenerative shields, as per your theory, use to power whichever system needs a boost. Depending on the situation, the efficiency of each layer can be adjusted; the physical barrier can be weakened and its projectors used to store energy for the inner layer, or the inner layer can be used as an extra battery, fed from the ship's own power source, to strengthen the outer layer. Depending on wether you plan to crash a lot or fly through a star.

I've always found it odd that you can make a system that supposedly absorbs energy "stronger" by pumping more energy into it. Wouldn't it be the reverse? That in the thick of battle engineers would be scrambling to take a load off the shield system so it has room to absorb more attacks?

You've got an interesting idea there at least. A shield system that gets stronger the more you shoot at it. How annoying for people shooting at you.
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