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I am Dingo. And to answer potential questions of the bat, no I'm not Australian, but a Voyager original fanfiction character I'm creating is and Dingo is a nickname he is called.

I've been a Star Trek fan since 1996, when I was twelve years old and reading the young adult Star Trek Deep Space Nine paperbacks that focused on Jake Sisko and Nog. My current Trekkie obsession right now is Voyager.

In reallife my hobbies include rugby, swimming, the martial arts, surfing (both actual surfing and web surfing, lol), reading all sorts of fiction and non-fiction, and creative writing. I'm a US Serviceman deployed to Iraq (I'm in the Navy but transferring to either the US Army or the Army National Guard next year).

I'm currently watching Season 6 of Voyager on DVD and spinning up a Star Trek Voyager crossover fanfic that focuses on some lower decks characters (Tal Celes, Kenneth Dalby, and William Telfer) together with my original character.
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