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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x19: "Daybreak, Part I"

Yeah, black hole....Moore will merged two late 70's sci-fi cheesefests into one. Cavil will go to a hell like place and merged with a centurian. We'll see some heavenly shit and Galactica will plop out the other side safe and sound.

Flashback Six: "Gauis, I put your father in a nice place. He'll be totally happy there until we nuke the wasn't supposed to say that last part."

Tyrol: "You can't trust any of 'em. They are machines. Wait, I'm a machine...with a weight problem...who the frak builds a fat robot?"

Helo: "We'll get back Hera and find that dollhouse."

Admiral Adama: "What Baltar said yesterday about you being the first bionic woman, was it true?"

Admiral Adama: "No, Cottle, fleet can't afford to lose a doctor. That snotty nurse of yours can still go though."

Simon and Doral return...briefly. YAY!
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