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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x19: "Daybreak, Part I"

Another week, and we're talking about Lost again. Greeeaaat.

Last week I was all for the character moments, but this week I'm back in the get the heck on with it mode. We've had pretty much a whole series worth of set up, so what happens in part one of the season finale? More set up and more repetition. Starbuck still confused, Baltar still wants a voice in the government (Something that's been hinted at all season), and then what I find to be, unless they really do a good job with it next week, very unnecessary flashbacks. Why doesn't this episode try to tackle some of these questions. I mean we still don't know who Starbuck is, we still don't know what the Opera House represents, it feels the all the mythology of the show has been thrown out the window, and I'm still wanting to know about All Along the Watchtower. If there is a third party at work here, they've run out of time to do anything with it.

I remember saying very early in the season that I was hoping they would reveal stuff such as Starbuck so we can see consequences from that and how it affects her. We know she has a special destiny, we know she saw a raider and reconciled with her mother, but we don't know what it means. Where is Leoban anyway. I realize a two part finale is mostly set up in the first part. I can respect that, but I wish they had dealt with the here and now instead of picking now as a time to do flashbacks that don't look like they will go anywhere. It just feels like this episode stalled. We've had so many episodes lately where they've felt like they've just stalled and this was one of them. Last week felt like the series was coming to an end. This week I don't get that feeling other than a few moments.

Not all this episode was bad. I really liked the stuff taking place in the present, with Roslin going to Adama, Adama packing his quarters, Baltar and Lee's conversation, Adama's speech, and Apollo back in uniform. It will be great to see him and Starbuck work together again. I just wish the series would have revealed something out of this episode so we can digest it and then look forward to next week. I'm already looking forward to next week, but I can't help but think this episode was a wasted show just to fill in the 20 episode requirement.


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