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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x19: "Daybreak, Part I"

Average. The final stretch of a series in theory should be its most emotional and the one where it takes the greatest risks yet this season has been absolutely listless with no real force guiding it. The last three episodes have been designed to drag out the last of its material to save it for the finale--now you can add this episode to it. I actually thought the first part of the series finale would be at least interesting set up but it is just as lethargic and repetitve as the other episodes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again just because BSG features quiet scenes featuring two characters doesn't magically make them great or the series a an outstanding drama and that has been the case in these last several episodes. I didn't care for any of the scenes to be honest.

Once again more re-establishing of pre-existing threads but no real movement or interesting insights. They just keep repeating them and at this stage why even do a recap before the episode since the hour itself keeps bringing them up--Baltar, the cult, something more to Starbuck, the musical notes, Anders in a tub spouting gibberish, Cavil promising to do evil things to Hera--all of this has been the same threads over and over for four episodes. What new did we learn about any of it. And the flashback to life on Caprica really wasn't that compelling or insightful nor did it parallel to something happening to the characters unless seeing Anders in a tub speaking to a sports reporter or Lee chasing a pigeon is great drama. It certainly doesn't effectively utilize flashbacks the way Lost has mastered them for instance.

I'm not opposed to set-up but it should be entertaining not repetitive.

The packing up and clearing out of Galactica was one of the few moments to evoke any sort of melancholy associated with the show ending which is unfortunate.

As has been the pattern for quite some time the episode predictably picks up some steam in the last act. Roslin with every last ounce of stress to walk to the hangar bay assisted by Adama and interlocking arms with Starbuck was one of the truly genuinely moving and stand-up moments in the whole hour. Too bad the rest of it wasn't up to that level. Then of course the revelation of the colony inside an asteroid field.

I'm not the least bit impressed with the show and the way it just limps to the finish line dissipating whatever momentum that remained.
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