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Re: Terminator-217 "Ourselves Alone" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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They've said that the show will end with closure, but there would be an opening if they got another season to explore.
Yeah, I've read that, and I just think that it sounds like they're trying to appease fans. Obviously there won't be full closure of the insane amount of loose threads they've left, and they probably didn't write the finale as they would have written the series finale. I'm sure the finale will present some questions.

One thing that has been a consistent pattern in all of the writing of SCC is this:
-Present mysteries
-Present new mysteries without solving the old mysteries
-Present even more new mysteries without solving any old mysteries
-Answer one mystery, but present five more
-Producers or previews promise solutions or closure
-The solutions are minimal and don't live up to their potential, and they just create new mysteries

I'm all for mysteries when done well, but I just have this feeling that a lot of it will be pushed aside from looking at their pattern. Friedman promised a lot of things, and while some of them have come true already, the ones that have to do with closure have not. I just get this feeling that their closure will be as much closure as Star Trek: Enterprise had. Hopefully I'm wrong about that. And hopefully there will be a season three should they not provide the closure I'm looking for.

I just can't shake the feeling that it will be a minor cliffhanger and that it will be canceled.
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