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The changeover from Sinclair to Sheridan is a long, and oft-disputed story. It's incorporated into the plot, and Michael O'Hare returns to the series in three more episodes to close his storyline (I won't say when, it'll ruin the surprise).
To be honest, I didn't find Sinclair to be that interesting. I'm not sure if what was the actor or the character but he seemed to be lacking something compared to Ivanova and Garibaldi and others.
He does end up being awfully one-dimensional in a lot of scenes. Once you get past the mystery of what happened to him on the line, there's not a whole lot to the character. I don't think Straczynski really knew what to do with him outside of that. When the opportunity (or the studio ultimatum) came down for a change in command, Straczynski certainly wasn't against it.
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