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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

*drum roll*

Season 2

The 37's (*)

Now here is an episode which makes no sense. In 1937 some aliens came to Earth, abducted hundreds of humans from the four corners of the world, brought them to the other side of the galaxy to use as slaves, and somehow the humans managed to overthrow them, destroy their ship and build their own civilisation.

Say what? That doesn't make any sense from either a logical or logistical viewpoint.

There is little plot cohesion. First they find a truck in space (no explanation given), then they find the planet, then they land on the planet, then they find the 37s, then they unfreeze them, then there's a boring hostage situation, then there's a lot of stuff about Amelia Earhart, then there's a shoot-out, then there's some talking, then there's a whole load of stuff about who is going to stay on the ship, then the show ends. There is at least three different stories in this episode and it only needed one. To make things worse, Voyager lands on the planet even though it doesn't add anything to the episode other than screen-time. It looks nifty and all, but in an episode which already suffers from making little sense they could have used that five minutes to help sort out the story threads.

This is a golden opportunity for Voyager to pick up some new crew members from the human population on the planet, but the episode doesn't even investigate this possibility. Instead it decides to explore who will stay on the ship and who will stay on the planet, which is not all that interesting because we know that all the cast is going to stay. If I was offered the chance to go into space on a ship as advanced as Voyager then I would say goodbye to my family and take the leap, so why does nobody on this planet decide to tag along and maybe see the mythical homeworld of their people? We could have had some new recurring cast members and maybe a few stories about integrating them into the crew, but instead we have a nice shot of Voyager flying off into the sunset.

Which makes no sense because Voyager had to land on the planet because of some mumbo-jumbo in the atmosphere which looked like really thick clouds, so why is everything sunny on the surface?

Season 2, you will have to try harder than this.
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