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Re: R2 S4.5 "Final Season" DVDs (

Anyone got the SFX magazine BSG special issue? Just got it yesterday, and inside is an ad for the Final Season R2 DVD
It gives a list of extras but says "Universal have stressed to us that the following list is provisional, but have guaranteed that there'll be over four hours of bonus material"

What they have is-
A Disquiet Follows My Soul unrated version
Islanded In A Stream of Stars unrated version
Daybreak unrated extended version
Deleted scenes
Sneak Peak at either Caprica or The Plan
David Eick's video blogs
"What the Frak is Going on with Battlestar Galactica?"
The Face of the Enemy webisodes web featurettes
A look back

Now if that all goes to plan that's too shabby IMO.

Still list 1 June as the release date too
And there's some to be confirmed artwork on the site too

If that does turn out to be the final art, yes it Six AGAIN, but it does look pretty sweet
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