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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Italy seems to be the new Turkey when it comes to fan safety.

We probably need to remember though that the rest of Europe is probably about 20 years behind us in terms of dealing with hooliganism if for no other reason than we had to address it in earnest when we'd been kicked out of European competition.

Of course the more cynical view is that Italian clubs aren't winning anything, whereas we were winning everything in sight at the time of our banning. Wouldn't surprise me if Platini and Blatter somehow manage to contrive a situation where everything becomes our fault again, purely so that they can prevent English domination of European competition. Again. They can't stop us fairly, so in typical European fashion they'll convolute some underhanded scheme.

On the point of what constitutes 'a couple', two surely.

Regarding the final being in Rome, shouldn't really be a problem now that there's no Italian teams left in the competition. Besides, I'm sick of the finals going to European backwaters. IMO, finals should be restricted to being played in a finite selection of venues that are able to cope with the occasion. There are plenty of those around, representing England, Scotland, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. To see them going to logistical nightmares like Turkey or Russia, just takes the p*ss and shows that political correctness takes precedence over common sense and practicality. But then, this is Uefa, why would it be anything different......?

Anyhow, let's just look forward to all-English semi-finals. Let's face it, Barcelona are really the only other half decent side left in the competition and even they will be hard-pushed to get past United, Chelsea and Liverpool. If the draw's kind, I don't think the English four will have any problems, and I really can't see anyone other than the aforementioned three picking up the trophy.
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